Lilly and the Magic Pearl

Dir. and production designer – Anri Koulev

17:00ч. 15.11.2015 Lumiere Cinema


Anton Radichev (Hrilly), Hristina Ibrishimova (Lilly), Petya Silyanova (The Mussel), Linda Rousseva (The Medusa), Dimitar Ivanchev (The Octopus), Vesselin Rankov (The Turbot)
Little Lilly is on the telephone, listening closely to a fairy tale. The story is full of twists and turns, and she becomes the protagonist. Suddenly, the story comes to life and Lilly is plunged into the ocean depths. While looking for a precious pearl with magical powers, she meets all kinds of fish and crustaceans. Some of them want to be her friend, while others would like to devour her. The danger Lilly faces gets worse the deeper she goes. A telephone booth turned submarine to explore the perilous depths is just one of the many fantastical elements of this aquatic tale, sure to delight kids and their parents. Lilly and the Magic Pearl features a smart blend of animated sequences and live-action footage, and the colourization work is particularly well executed. This tale for all, inspired by the best Japanese animations, is pure joy for the eyes.

producers – Adrian Georgiev, Ivaylo Kotsev and Cédric Biscay
screenplay – Valeri Petrov
editor – Boyka Popova
music – Lyubomir Denev
animation supervisor – Anna Haralampieva
Animation Festival „Golden Panda”, Sichuan - Competition
Festival du nouveau cinema, Montreal – Children Program